The leaves are almost gone. Some trees stand naked. Others dressed in fading clothes that wrinkle and crackle. Girl two and I took a walk hand in hand through the magic forest the other day. We found frost still on the ground in the shady patches and to her delight, ice in tiny little grooves in the mud like mouse prints. She scraped and held tight until her hands turned red trying to bring it home to show the others.

Mornings start now with getting the wood stove going. The chickens are laying fewer eggs and the dog can’t decide whether to grow her winter coat or shed it. Mornings are cool but not cold enough to silence the arguments about wearing jackets or splash pants.

Hopefully the wind will calm down enough for boy one and I to get in one more game of tennis. The others are starting to learn with varying degrees of interest, but it is he and I that crave it. I miss this thing we love doing together, once winter comes.

Last year, I almost always won. This year we split, except when I was still so sick from the spring – then it wasn’t worth it to go after anything more than two steps away and he beat me easily. But as long as I was healthy, and the wind blew the right way, we split this year.

What next year will hold seems inevitable. . . so here’s to hoping for one more game this year.

4 Comments to November

  1. Connie Beckman says:

    I love your description of Fall. It is my favorite time of year with the beautiful colors. However it is a season of letting go and allowing the winter to birth. Now that my grandson is an adult, every winter I recall with fond memories of our precious time together, making our annual snowman in our yard. He always wanted to play war and destroy the snowman after it was finished. But I always talked him into waiting for a few days before he attacked the snowman.
    Our time spent together is God’s precious gift to each of us.

  2. Missy Friedl-Shipley says:

    Every year I press between the pages of my large books all the pretty leaves I find. This year’s finds will serve a purpose. My cousin, Naval Pilot Fred Morrison, has just begun a year deployment in Haiti and I’ll include them in my mail to him.