Singing in the Snow

We put a pretty big value on family time over the Christmas break. This year, we have a plan that we’ve gone so far as to tell the kids, so there’s no going back now.  We’re going musical, as in musicals. All that’s really left is to pick the ones we’ll watch and get them.

`              Here’s why we’ll be watching so much singing and dancing this December . . .

1. Boy one announced that the music from Fiddler on the Roof was some of his favorite music in the world. (We didn’t even know he had downloaded it.) He started singing Fiddler songs around the house, but had no clue about the story.

This got me thinking. Then two more discoveries pushed the idea into a full blown mission.

2. Boy one confessed that, “Matchmaker,” was his favorite song at first because he assumed it was about someone playing with fire . . . and how cool is that, you know, mom?”  He said he sang it for a while before he figured it out.

3. We discovered that only one of our children had ever seen, “The Sound of Music.”

How it was we got this far, we two who both love musicals, without sharing this with our children, I have no idea. We did a test run last week with the 1971 movie version of, “Fiddler on the Roof,” to help us gauge our range for choosing.  They obviously understood it at different levels but regardless of comprehension, it was a big hit. Do you know how nice it is to hear your kids singing those songs around the house?

I feel a town crier is in order, although chances are that both the crier and my excitement about sharing musicals with children would be met with confusion.  Watching the kids enjoy, Fiddler on the Roof, was just so satisfying. I feel a kind of civic duty bursting out of me. Like I should be stopping people at the grocery store to tell them about it. Like I should be knocking on doors of people I don’t know and handing them copies of, The Sound of Music.

This is why I have a husband.  He reminds me that I will probably not want to knock on all those doors in the morning, so perhaps best not to print out all those fliers tonight.  “But that the original idea,” he will say carefully, “the one where we show 4 or 5 of the best ones to our kids . . . well, it’s just so manageable . . .”  And normal, he kindly does not add.

So, no posters, no grocery store announcements. Just a blog.  :)  Did I mention that we haven’t finished narrowing our list yet? Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady, for sure. After that, I welcome suggestions!

9 Comments to Singing in the Snow

  1. Leslie Lynch says:

    Love this idea! How about Man of La Mancha? That’s one of my longtime favorites, although I’m not sure if there’s a film version of it. Les Miserables just came out in video… The Wizard of Oz, although it’s not technically a musical. Phantom of the Opera has great music; again I don’t know if it’s in video. I loved the stage play of Miss Saigon, and I doubt if that’s in video. (I had no idea I could carry on a coherent discussion of musicals!)

    Your Christmas season is going to be fun! :-)

  2. Cindy says:

    Well, my girls will only SOMETIMES, let me sing along when we watch Sound of Music and Annie – I can hardly contain myself but I manage. As soon as they smile and look at me – well, I burst into song, much to their horror! So, I would vote for a showing of Annie as well.

  3. Marilyn says:

    You are preaching to the choir girl – Don’t forget The King and I, Oliver Twist, My Fair Lady, Fiddler, (tell Boy 1 – my fav. next to Sound of Music of course) Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, The Music Man, ……..I could go on and on…..xo

  4. Abby Savoie says:

    Annie is my all time favorite. And although not a classic,I have grown to love High School Musical…lol
    We watched all the classic musicals growing up. My dad loved them so therefore it was a must. I think you need to have a real life musical evening…where everyone sings what they have to say. Sing through dinner….etc. If you yell at the kids, you have to sing it. heehee

  5. Leslie Lynch says:

    Mary Poppins? Even some of the Disney animated movies… (And yes, I got carried away on my earlier comment. Miss Saigon, Les Mis, and Phantom may not be age appropriate!)

  6. Missy Friedl-Shipley says:

    “House Boat” is a pretty good, but under appreciated. All of Marilyn’s are winners as well! Debbie Reynolds also played a role as “Tammy” that is family friendly. Did you tell the kids that you did Matchmaker in HS? I love sharing old movies with the next generation…watching their reactions are amazing. I recently played Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra” and it helped her relate to some of the facts she had been studying in one her classes. If you ever want to really scare them show “Watcher in the Woods”, “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte” or “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” all three are Bette Davis movies & they still scare the heck out of me!! A non-musical that I really like showing is “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara; another one that the two made together is “McLintock”. “Hello Dolly”, “Meet Me in St. Louis”, “Wizard of Oz” and a more modern on is “Eddie and the Cruisers” are some more of my favs!