I’m taking the bait, Dear Abby

I think you need to have a real life musical evening…where everyone sings what they have to say. Sing through dinner….etc. If you yell at the kids, you have to sing it. heehee . . . .

(This was from Abby’s comment to my “Singing in the Snow,” post.)

Dear Abby,

Have you ever tried this yourself? This is a seriously great idea. You have now officially planned the first musicals kick-off night of the upcoming family musicals tour. . . date still to be determined.  I’ll post back the results, but really you are killing me. I wasn’t going to start the tour until school was out . . . Dec. 19th? 20th?  But if you think I can wait that long to sing my grievances at my children, you are wrong.  I have already begun working on possible lyrics. So far, I have a short number on the state of their rooms set to the tune of “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing.”  I am still playing with the words to my impending mental breakdown serenade, but am using the tune of Amazing Grace to contrast nicely with my thoughts on uncivil sibling bickering and how it is affecting my peace of mind.

Many thanks for the brilliant suggestion. As soon as I can pull it off, we’re going for it.


Singing to sanity, or not, but having fun, on County Road 21

4 Comments to I’m taking the bait, Dear Abby

  1. Sally says:

    I can’t wait to read how this goes!

  2. Rachel Bushnell says:

    Well, I never. This is the most unique way to deal with family issues that I have ever heard of. Calls for a copyright or patent or something. . . I’m with Sally.

  3. Abby Savoie says:

    Absolutely hysterical!! I have not tried this…but am dying to know the results of your musical evening. So…as soon as it goes down, write about it!! I’m particularly curious about your “mental breakdown serenade”. So funny!

  4. Erma Joy Cann says:

    You have the wrong tunes my dear,How about ‘The Fight Is On’ I’m looking forward to this Country Road 21