State of the nation

Here on County Road 21, we are battling the stomach flu. The first fallen hard was up all night, so I was too. Others appear to be teetering on the edge.  We shall see. I am pleading like there’s no tomorrow for boy one to make it through unscathed until after his concert on Thursday night. He sings all day with the joy of anticipation and practices his trombone happily with no reminders. Feel free to add to my prayers that at least he and one driver/audience member make it there.  And who knows, maybe we’ll all be tip top by then.

All this is simple and true.  The beautiful requires more explanation than I can afford the time for at the present.  :)

6 Comments to State of the nation

  1. Erma Joy Cann says:

    Praying for you,boy one and all the little stomach upsets. :)

  2. Abby Savoie says:

    Praying that you all will be fit as fiddles and you can watch your boy toot his own horn. :) We have the stomach bug too…I was down for the count, it was brutal.

  3. Dee says:

    Am praying.