Recent Theatre

In our house, Surprise Ending plus Costumes = A Play. After hours of rehearsal, we were invited to the performance. (A welcome distraction from the problem of dead mice decomposing in bathroom wall.)

Scene 1

A fairy princess, a cow, and a wicked witch slid down the stairs on their bottoms with delight and a fair bit of speed. The cow watched from here on. Ten year old boy made introductions as follows. There are three characters in this place. A wicked witch – he pointed to girl one in the shredding Buzz Light Year costume wearing her straw Easter hat and holding a thin blue tube. A fairy princess – who is me, he said making his voice shrill and taking a curtsy. He had on black pants, a shiny blue cape, and the popcorn bucket from last year’s Hobbit movie on his head. There was a grand pause for effect. The fairy princess held a small hinged box (once home to a ring from a jeweller) in his hand. And . . . he opened the box slowly . . . in here . . .  is the prince. The fairy princess came closer and we the audience could see a solitary Japanese beetle (looks a lot like a lady bug if you aren’t already acquainted with them trying to winter their villages in your house and woodshed). The fairy princess sighed. The prince will try to save the fairy princess from the wicked witch.

Conclusion – after dramatic attempts by the witch to catch spells, the fairy princess reached out and snapped her wand. The Japanese beetle prince was lured to the edge of the open box then brought to a fatal end with a quick slam of the ring box. The stunt failed the first time but pleased the witch, the fairy princess,  and the watching cow quite well in the eventual finale. The prince dies trying to save the fairy princess, announced the happy princess.

Scene 2

(A door was needed. Audience was requested to change venues. Upstairs, the play continued.)

Archery sessions with various sundry patterns of arrow release-age followed by war hoops.

Scene 3

We were now told that girl two in the cow costume (with pink kilt) was actually a sheep. A ram to be exact. She lay very still and straight on the floor. It was requested that one of the audience members stand ready to open the bedroom door when directed. Boy two and girl one picked up the very straight, prone ram from the floor and ran with her towards the door as fast as they could.

Now, yelled boy two, his shiny blue magician’s cape flapping. My husband pushed the bedroom door open. The ram flew through and was summarily dropped onto waiting cushions on the other side.

“I was a battering ram,” said a proud girl two now allowed to speak and walk.

“Get it? A  battering ram?” beamed boy two and girl one.

Bows. Curtains.

4 Comments to Recent Theatre

  1. Leslie Lynch says:

    :-) They’re already playing with language!

  2. Esther J Cann says:

    Your kids are hysterically funny and have fabulous imaginations!! They are so creative!! I miss them bunches. Don’t let them grow up before I get there and can see at least one play. =)

  3. Rachel Bushnell says:

    Amazing vocabulary for a kindergarten girl! Battering rams were unheard of when I was even in 2nd grade or 3rd.

  4. Rachel Bushnell says:

    thnking about “battering ram” later . . . It must have 5th or 6th grade in a story about an ancient battle when this word entered my vocabulary list.