Either way, it’s not the garments

Girl with Pigs, by Thomas Gainsborough. 1782.

Girl with Pigs, by Thomas Gainsborough. 1782.

From yesterday’s unbidden refrains in my head:


1. Rend your heart and not your garments. (Joel 2: 13)

2. Render your lard, and not your garments.


I sincerely apologize that I spent Thursday rendering lard. The first is more important advice, but the second is pretty good too.

Our home smells remarkably like boiling pig fat. It will be the business of Friday to reduce the weight of the air by begging as much outside air as possible to come in and change places.

It has been, “eat out of the freezer,” week here. The children were not amused, but they were fed. The goal is to have one of the freezers emptied before the hot weather gets here. Hence the need to stop procrastinating on the lard job.

All the thoughts of rendering . . . which my feeble mind mixed up with rending for most of the day, helped me to discover this quote from poet, Katherine Lee Bates (author of, “America the Beautiful”).

“It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls.”

The fat set aside for the project was procured a year ago, so Ms. Bates quote was immediately reenvisioned:

“It is the hour to render thy lard . . . the blossom time of spring.”

It was the job of half a day at least, back and forth to stir and ladle out what was ready. I estimate my end product valued in the neighborhood of $30.  I had to go to bed consoling myself with visions of the end of the world. My favorite picture was of me calmly searching the bodies of squirrels and rabbits for bits of fat we might boil down to be used. “Bet you wish you’d spent a day saving $30 once or twice, now don’t you?” I’d say to my marveling friends.

3 Comments to Either way, it’s not the garments

  1. Erma Joy Cann says:

    No to your last question !!!!!! I remember my mother rendering the pig fat.A job I will gladly pass by, even for $30.

  2. I always feel so successful when I finally quit procrastinating. When I worked full time I didn’t have time for all those projects that I never had time to get to. Now that I am retired–I can’t use that theory anymore. Since retiring I have started on cleaning, throwing, organizing closets, dresser drawers, etc. I must say it did feel good to donate clothes and stuff to the second hand store. Way to go on the “lard job.”