Seeking assistance on Thursday


I have been trying to get my young adult novel, “Saints and Bones,” published for a little while now without much success. A friend suggested I submit the manuscript to a Catholic publishing contest, and as I had nothing to lose, I submitted. To promote their contest, the publishing house (Tuscany Press) has been posting excerpts from contestants in the different contest categories for months now. Recently, I learned that an excerpt of my novel is going to be featured on Thursday, July 31. (That’s tomorrow!)  It doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily even close to being considered, but at least the manuscript hasn’t been rejected outright.

Tuscany is posting excerpts in three locations (Tuscany Press and two Facebook sites) and encouraging authors to get people who appreciate their work to comment, or “like,” the excerpt. Tomorrow I will re-post links to the three places you can see my excerpt. If anyone has time and would be interested in posting a comment, or hitting the “like” button on the facebook pages, I would be really grateful.  A strong showing of support isn’t guaranteed to help one’s entry, but then again, it doesn’t hurt either. Additionally, Tuscany offers publishing contract to some who don’t place in the contest.

Please note: although it is a “Catholic,” writing contest, you don’t need to be Catholic or anything else to share your thoughts. In fact, given the wonderful people of all stripes who have loved me so kindly over the years, I’d kind of like it if three quarters of the people who weigh in aren’t quite sure how a genuflect works.

The links are below if you’re curious ahead of time, but again, my excerpt isn’t scheduled to be there until tomorrow.


p.s.  If you read the excerpt and really like it, start calling your friends.

7 Comments to Seeking assistance on Thursday

  1. Dale Sipple says:

    Hooray!! Can’t wait!!

  2. Congratulations. I most will check it out and offer a prayer or two for you.

  3. Claudia says:

    Woohoo!!! It makes me feel like dancing!!!

  4. Yvonne Morgan says:

    Excited to read it.

  5. Leslie Lynch says:

    !!! So excited for you! Hope much good comes from this venture! And, yes, I will be “liking” and sharing for you!