Returning in sections

MIA: believed to be en route

MIA: believed to be en route

4450 kilometers (2765 miles) later we are home. Our bodies arrived a few hours of schedule. Our brains seem to have been lost in transit. Hopefully they’ll catch up with us before too many days go by.

Highlights people without brains can remember:

Air BnB:   Has everyone except me heard of this? I had never heard of it until this trip. We rented a small house from a local couple for the week. Full kitchen, two bathrooms, laundry room, porch, yard, living room, 4 bedrooms . . . it was amazing.

Public Transit: Once we figured out how to use public transit (which wasn’t that hard because we ran into so many helpful people) the city became a very easy place to get around. Buses were good. The kids liked them, but the subways were great. Major thumbs up from all parties. The first day we had to ride around on them for a while even though we’d already been everywhere we needed to go. Tired people in their seats couldn’t help smiling and laughing at the kids yammering about what was out the window and doing motion experiments holding on to things or not when the subway stopped.

Fruit: When you drive two days south and go to the grocery store, the fruit is a lot more remarkable.

Cash: We haven’t ever done a trip in cash before but we’ll do it again. It was downright exciting to sit girl one and boy two down at the table and assign them to count out our money for the trip. We attempted to write down everything we spent so we’d have a tally of how much went for gas, food, museum admission etc. but that kind of fell apart. Regardless, there is something really nice about having money that you can count and see.

Blue Ridge Mountains: Our little timeout onto the parkway to see the mountains (estimated at half an hour) turned into an hour and a half. The fog was so thick up in the mountains that we couldn’t see twenty feet in front of the car and had to drive very slowly with the hazard lights on. We had a very good laugh about the view from the mountains

It’s good to be back, with or without the brains.




4 Comments to Returning in sections

  1. Leslie Lynch says:

    We had a “mountain fog” experience like that. Our one and only trip to Hawaii included an excursion down a trail on a ridge on Maui that ended in a sheer thousand-foot drop off. (Think Jurassic Park.) We were supposed to be able to see whales from there. Excitement!!! Then, fog. We hung around for a half hour or so in hopes that it would lift, but it didn’t. It was a nice hike, though, and we laughed a lot with the other people who were waiting for the fog to lift, too. I wish you could have seen the mountains, though. They are spectacular. :-)

    • Michelle says:

      I wish we could have seen them too. We took a picture of ourselves standing in front of a sign about the height we were looking into the fog from. Guess we’ll just have to go back. :)

  2. Sam Jones says:

    So Glad my house was on the way home =)