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If you have time for a longer read this weekend, could use a smile, and aren’t offended by a few intermittent outbursts of strong language, I highly recommend the following article by Harrison Scott Key, entitled, “My Dad Tried to Kill Me With an Alligator.”

Sam and Andrew, this is not to be missed.

3 Comments to Friday reading recommendation

  1. Sam says:

    Amazing. When I was younger dad would threaten to tie me behind the boat and troll for alligators if I didn’t sit still….so many memories…..of course we lived no where near any alligators.

  2. Andrew says:

    I won’t presume that I’m the Andrew referenced, but it was a great read that reminded me of how close (and how often) I came to death as a child. Ah, the good old days…

    • Michelle says:

      Ah, but you were the Andrew referenced. Glad you liked the piece. There really is something grand about having survived a childhood of danger.