Down time again

Summer 2014 July Aug 026

I had hoped to post more today but alas a houseful of seven happy kids and the need to say, “please shut the door,” six hundred and seventy-five thousand times, left me unable to process too many other thoughts. County Road 21 is taking some down time for the next few weeks with plans to be back for the second week of August. In the mean time we’ll be catching up on farm work, dispensing with farm work, taking walks, canoeing, kayaking, reading, talking, taking naps, and playing endless games of cards.

Blessings on you all.


p.s  This just in as I write . . . one of mine to visiting sleepover guest .  . . do you know what I call those little poops that are just tiny?  Rabbit droppings!  I just did a rabbit dropping . . . and on the conversation went to hair, pig tails, and other such important things.

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  1. Leslie Lynch says:

    Have a happy SUMMER!!!