Temporary redirection


Dear friends,

I am taking a few weeks away from the blog to devote my writing hours exclusively to my novel. The projected publishing date of said children’s work remains unknown. I surmise from various writing self-help pieces, that the chances of publishing before 2050 significantly increase if I don’t leave the manuscript almost finished yet unattended for consecutive months. If possible, I am keen to affect a nearer outcome. Ideally, I would be doing a little County Road 21 writing, a little of the novel, and a few other projects. However, extenuating circumstances of late have squished my writing time into a space too small for very much diversity.

Not terribly optimistic, but nevertheless determined, I sally forth on the chance that concerted, focused effort might find my novel in association with a printing press sometime this decade. If all goes well, I’ll be back in two or three weeks. If all does not go well, I will host a bonfire of all manuscripts I have ever attempted and roast all the chickens that aren’t laying any more over it.

As crazy as it sounds, I’ll honestly miss you. Strange given your rather invisible nature as my readers. I picture you all as a whole, but also as people in living rooms holding cups of coffee. Somewhere in the imagining it feels like we make each other real. I’m telling myself that the nature of this reader/writer relationship (which we’ve engaged in without any kind of formal contract about mutual expectations – perhaps this is part of the appeal?) can bear some temporary changes. That is the hope anyway.

Blessings on you all. Having made the decision to take time away, I was of course hit with an idea in the night that it pained me not to get up and write about. Luckily, I can no longer remember it. If it returns, I’ll put it on a list and tell you about it when I return.

Wish me well, my friends. And see you in a few weeks –



12 Comments to Temporary redirection

  1. Esther Cann says:

    Love you, Dear and hope your time on the manuscript is most profitable!! Will be praying to that end so you can hurry back to regular communications!

  2. Dale Sipple says:

    God bless you ! IWILL miss the morning treasure,but will look forward to your book ! Hooray! And your return to the blog. And God save manuscripts and chickens!!

  3. Becky says:

    You will be missed!!! Here’s to your writing in the weeks again

  4. Sam says:

    Happy writing!

  5. Leslie Lynch says:

    Good for you! Treasure your writing time no matter the current project ❤️ Prayers for much success.

  6. Julie says:

    I too will miss your morning reflections!

  7. I will keep you in my prayers on your writing project. I too will miss you. I read your blog every time. I too feel like even though we are not visible there is a close friendship in your sharing of your writing and life that is a blessing to me and to others.

  8. Carol says:

    I will miss you too, but I understand the pressure of too many projects. I will pray for your success. Come back soon!

  9. Missy says:

    Good choice of words with “Sally forth”. Bravo, I say,bravo! Good luck, may your words flow like honey on a steamy August day.

  10. Jane Parker says:

    I pray that Jesus will bless you as you pursue this desire of your heart, that he will inspire, encourage, and prosper you.