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National Holiday Cake


Picture is upside down but candles are arranged to spell, “old.”


The holiday was national as applied to the nation of County Road 21, where my husband and I were again celebrating our shared birthday. The kids made the cake, to which the poor lighting does not do justice. My contribution to the cake was in the form of empathy band aids for all the emotionally disenfranchised during it’s making. Knowing only who hurt whose feelings, whose ideas got TOTALLY ignored, and that they didn’t like any of the frosting recipes so they made up their own, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cake.

It was delicious, including the frosting. I should say that outright. Their joy in presenting was helpfully contagious. Unfortunately, I have a few issues with germs and food cleanliness. The decision to decorate the cake with fragments of potentially poisonous bits of chopped up rubber snake, cars, and other well used toys was a stretch for me. We didn’t have to guess the theme (which is good because I wouldn’t have figured it out). The birthday man and I were treated to a verbal tour of the cake with great pride and enthusiasm.

Look at the cake. Do you get it? We’ve got everything.

Look. See that brown thing? It’s actually a hat from one of our toys, but here it’s the poop. Get it? It’s a farm!

Don’t forget to show them the pee.

Yeah, see that? There was a trailing blob of yellow food coloring in one corner. That’s the pee. It is definitely not a farm without pee.

There was a car, people, fields. The cake was chocolate. Brown was the color chosen for the icing. Earthy tones all around. Coconut and walnuts for texture.

Doesn’t it look like the snake is actually crawling through the cake?

And did you see the sheep guts? That’s what the red is with all the lumps. Blood and guts. 

Isn’t it great? We knew you’d like it.


It really was delicious. I removed the germ infested toys and poisonous rubber snake bits as soon as possible and shook my head at the comradery and pleasure they never tire of finding in all things uncouth. It reminded me of Father’s Day. After all the cards and sweet things, one child ran for his gift. He returned with a blindfold, a nasty concoction he’d made, and the sincere belief that would be fun for his father to drink his recipe and guess the ingredients. Behold the man. :)



Mother’s Day


Boy two and the girls have a little advantage at Mother’s Day. They’re all still young enough that if teachers don’t organize crafts, they at least talk about it. Girl Two asked me every day for a week how much longer it was until the Mother’s Day Tea at their school. Boy Two started picking me flowers outside days in advance and Girl One was adamant about helping with the dishes when she didn’t have to. Throughout the week, notes of love and small gifts arrived. Dandelions and violets were picked and tied together in chains for a necklace and bracelet set, a painted flower pot, and a hot pad with hand print, a poem and a recipe, and many hugs came.

The quote of the day though goes to Boy One. He has no idea that he made me laugh. He might be a happy person, but he is not a purposely funny guy. He is the kind of person who analyzes the details of life for fun. On the way home from church, Boy one offered the following wisdom from the passenger’s seat:

“You know, Mom . . . it’s really too bad about Mother’s Day. I mean, it completely snuck up on me. I totally didn’t see it coming. And like, because I feel bad, the result is going to be that I’m going to like really focus hard now and make sure I don’t let it happen twice. I mean, I’m going to end up doing something extra nice for Father’s Day because of it. You know?”

It was ten in the morning. The day was yet young for ways to love mother, but I was having a low maintenance day.

“It’s ok, son.  We had a nice time working together outside yesterday. I count that as a great Mother’s Day present.”




Presumably, the relieved silence as he looked out the window as filled with thoughts of what to do for Father’s day. :)


On other fronts, the farm is spilling over with things to be done. To at least get a finger in the dam, I’m going to take a few days off from the blog. Expect me back on Thursday with a little sun, some tired muscles, and (one can only hope) a fresh head. By that time the broken camera situation will be addressed and you can see new lambs. Three were born Saturday morning. We’re expecting more soon. :)