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Strange tree, matching kids

For some reason this tree reminds me of my kids

For some reason this tree reminds me of my kids

It was hard to get a good picture of this tree. When I tried to show the whole tree you couldn’t see the fact it’s hanging in mid air. The kids would laugh if they were out walking with me and got to go on the path underneath it. (The oddest thing of all was that I couldn’t find a stump. I walked in circles trying to figure out how it got there with no results.)

Other oddities of late include:

Girl one plays school during the following times: after school, at school, and on weekends. She has notebooks of plans, treats for good students, games, and lessons in a constant state of readiness. When there is no one to play school with her, she does her prep work for when they might be available again.

Girl two is climbing walls now. Door frames to be exact. She takes off her shoes, grabs either side of the trim with her fingers, and starts climbing. She is especially fond of doing this near the kitchen. Right at the top with her head touching the ceiling, she calls to me while I’m cooking, “Can somebody help me? I think I’m starting to lose my grip.”

Boy two has developed a fascination with imitating the dog and gets himself giggling with delight. The dog lifts a paw, he lifts an arm. The dog stands up and walks in a circle. Ditto. The dog lies down, stretches and yawns. Repeat.  “I’m practicing being Phil,” is his explanation. Boy two got extra large black glasses when he went to see The Hobbit in 3D. He popped out the lenses afterwards and declared himself Phil. After days and days of continuous glasses frame wearing, I have restricted them to Tuesdays and Fridays only. So, yes, today he will be wearing them to school and everyone will be calling him Phil all day, because as he explains, when he wears them, that’s who he is. I have no explanation.

Boy one’s responses to hot and cold are approximately parallel to the rest of his emotions. As in, sometimes he is freezing and will die if he does not have blankets and sweatshirts and a hotter fire in the room RIGHT NOW. And sometimes he goes out cross country skiing a night, and stops by after a loop to remove clothing because he is SO HOT HE IS DYING and we really have NO IDEA how hot he is.


We still don't know why he needed to do it, but it made him very happy.

We still don’t know why he needed to do it, but it made him very happy.


I’ll close by adding that sometimes when the children are left alone too long, they take the wings off flies and name them so they can have pets in their rooms.