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Friday small post

another self portrait. not sure how morguefile.com gets these pictures of me.

Not sure how morguefile.com gets these pictures of me.

I do not have a piece written today because:

  1. I was gravely misunderstood twice in one day. I could have recovered from once.
  2. A friend from out of town was coming and I could not remember the name of anything I know how to cook.
  3. My three youngest children went outside, stole water without asking, dug up dirt without asking, and made a lot of mud. They poured it all over the slide and went down it repeatedly. Two of them covered themselves from head to toe, skin, shorts, t-shirts. The third, in school clothes, kept telling me that she didn’t even get to do the “funnest” things the other kids did because she was trying so hard to take care of her school clothes. That was supposed to make me feel sorry for her instead of being mad at her. I had no answer for that with language appropriate for a nine year old so I couldn’t say much.
  4. The people misunderstanding me are fragile so I can’t even wade in and offer up my most excellent defenses. Which is too bad because I am really ready with some excellent points, and not being able to say them is making it hard to think.


A small offering from the week’s conversations . . .  

Girl one felt compelled to read the ten commandments to Girl two.

What’s adultery? said Girl two.

It’s like when you’re married to one person and then you get married to another person.

Both Girl two and I found this interesting.

Or, continued Girl one, probably if you’re engaged to someone and you marry someone else.

Girl two’s eyes got wide. She began to whisper furiously.

That means I’m going to have to commit adultery, she said.

What do you mean? said Girl one.

I’m already engaged to John.

No you’re not, said Girl one.

Yes, I am. I don’t want to be, but I am. At winter fun day he asked me to marry him.

Did you say yes?

I said no. He said pretty please. I said no. He said he’d do anything for me. I said no. But I’m going to commit adultery because I’m not marrying him. I’m marrying someone else.

Februray Unpost


There is no post today because:

1. Monday was a snow day and it was too cold to get the kids outside. Coming off the weekend and a string of cold days, they were quite a bit stir crazy. My only creative thoughts on Monday were about how to put together a dogsled team to pull a sled made for one, what to pack and whether it would be better to arrive somewhere or to fall nobly off the sled into the soft drifting snow while the dogs pulled on. I might have opted for this last except I worried the visiting shitzu would notice and come back to me. I would awake not to the pearly gates but to the eager tongue of the animal dropping connoisseur on my face.

2. Tuesday was full of commitments.

3. Two people I know are suffering under the ravages of an unkind disease.  Sometimes death is beautiful and people write books and poems about it. Other times loving people and their families means there isn’t very much to say.