Decisions on Hair

Long narrow face with long hair

Long narrow face with long hair

The kids haven’t had a haircut since before school started. It’s been two months since my last hair cut. It’s not a movement. I’ve been feeling cheap, and they’ve been wanting shaggy. Hair is not something I have a lot of opinions about. In fact, very few of my hopes and dreams have involved hair. Only one really. I wanted to grow my hair quite badly once in order to be a real Indian brave. My mother pointed out that I was only qualified to be a squaw. The fact that I am a girl has at times proved troublesome to me, but I ignored her narrow vision of my possibilities. In my dreams, I was already running barefoot in my long hair and loin cloth, bow and arrows in hand.

I have a grade four picture to prove that by the times I was nine, my hair had grown at least a little bit below my shoulders. When I was ten, my mother met a woman who had once been a model. I have since realized that this kind of person can be dangerous. My mother saw stars and a woman with qualifications.

Fifty-Something former model declared that my hair was all wrong for my face. There was a formula. My face was long and narrow. I needed short hair. My grade five school picture notes the change. Sometimes I would look and the mirror and try to see my face the way she saw it. This thing now bearing a description seemed deserving of inspection.

The next summer my face spoke to Fifty Something again. Straight hair did not suit. She could hear my long and narrow face saying, “permanent.”  All school pictures from there on are identical give or take an inch. I did not change my hair again until I was in my thirties, at which point I finally stopped getting permanents.

My girls admire extremely long hair. The only strong opinion I have about hair is that it shouldn’t be in your food when you are eating. I have therefore kept them in bangs against their wishes, until now. My boys have grown tired of the tidy cuts I like. So yes, my children’s hair desires landed in lock step with my budget cut backs this fall. We are all looking a little shaggy.

“I’m taking everybody in this week for a cut,” I finally say.

“Mom, please, no . . .please, please, please . . .”

“It’s cheaper this way,” whispers my wallet.

Their hair has been bugging me for weeks now. Friday, I finally snapped, but not the snapped where we finally get our hair cut.

We’re not going to the hair dresser. Any of us. The guy with a job can see his barber. The rest of us are growing our hair.

I expect mine in particular will look fairly awful, but I would rather have tried it than not. Before I cut it short again, maybe I’ll stuff a few marshmellows in my cheeks and see if it makes any difference.


9 Comments to Decisions on Hair

  1. marjorie says:

    Very funny Michelle! I loved the hair story, especially the bit about you wanting to be a squaw and your mother’s “reality check” comment. I’m with you, I think the whole fuss is highly over-rated.


  2. Esther J Cann says:

    I’d like to see some of those school pictures – the early years for the sake of comparison of the hair. =)

  3. Leslie Lynch says:

    I am rather taken with your photo of one with a long face and long hair. Looks exactly right to me. 😉

  4. Patricia says:

    Oh my dear dear cousin …. So many thoughts – love you !!

  5. Donna says:

    oh dear, think long hair is great! i think that no matter, how you and your wonderful children keep their hair. They will always be perfect in my eyes. you really have such well behaved, outgoing, friendly, amazing children. Hair does do not matter to my old eyes. (I’m cheap) I’ve been to hair dresser a handfull of times, my girls, once at the most.. My mom cuts their hair once a year. i really hate hair in eyes, hair in food ect. I agree with that.. What kind’ve women tells someone else how to do their childs hair. I’m sorry, this ex model does not make me smile!!

    • Michelle says:

      I’m glad you don’t see their evil sides. . .maybe the hair will help keep it all under wraps. :)