Small thoughts from small things

It’s -30C outside (-22F). Inside we are feeding the wood stove steadily. The stomach flu which meandered through the ranks  at the end of last week, took a more direct and steady course beginning yesterday at 4am.  All stomachs are now settled. The wan and weak are on separate couches in the livingroom. I am bringing toast and applesauce in small increments.

“Thank you for loving us so much when we’re so disgusting,” said a kneeling 13 year old fresh up for air from an encounter with the toilet last night.

His face from last night has stayed with me. My boy of boundless energy and not a small amount of cockiness these days, all humility, softness and gratitude. Some days I don’t have  a lot of bold conclusions. Today I am pondering these things and not much more.

1. What it means to know we are disgusting and feel embraced by kindness in the midst of it.  What it means to us to be loved and accepted not because we don’t have puke on our face, but while we do.

2. What this says about grace. How it might long to catch us up short and change us forever. Redeem us, with the vomit of our shortcomings still clinging to strands of our hair.

4 Comments to Small thoughts from small things

  1. Erma Joy Cann says:

    So glad God loves us even when we are pukey,and while we care for our pukey kids. :)

  2. Connie says:

    It is so reassuring that we don’t have to get cleaned up first before God will accept and love us. Jesus whispers “Come as you are. I love you with an everlasting love.”

  3. Leslie Lynch says:

    A bleak and tender explanation of grace. So, so true!

  4. Becky says:

    Perfect for my current struggles! Hard to feel lovable some times and always amazing to me that God continues to love me – puke and all!