An Interchange of About Twenty Minutes

file0001439703432The Scene:

I am driving. Girl two occasionally claps, or adds, “go, go, go,” but for the purposes of the story she is mostly a bystander. Boy two is in the far back of the caravan, girl one is in the seat ahead of him.

The Dialogue:

Boy two:  Ok, do you see the little stick guys on the side?

Girl one: Yeah

Boy two: Ok, I want you to click on them. Now see the thing that says music and click on it. Now set it for Star Wars theme.

Girl one: You’re going too fast. Just a minute. Ahhh! This stupid thing. Ok, ok, now I’ve got it.



Boy two:  Alright. So go back out to where the stick guys were. Go over right to the side. See the one guy there?

Girl one: Click on him?

Boy two: Yeah, Click on him. Now, go to settings and look for the Phil file. I think it’s called something like Phil file 3552. For some reason they didn’t do any numbers one to ten or something, I don’t know. It’s crazy. Are you there yet?

Girl one:  They’re going crazy. They’re everywhere. Oh my gosh, everyone’s running around like crazy people.

Boy two: Chase that guy on the right. Once you get him, you’ll see what happens. Right there. Now! See it. Now quick, grab that stick on the ground.


Time elapses. I drive.


Girl one: That was awesome.

Boy two: Yeah, let’s put it away now.

Girl one: Yeah, first I just have to save it. What should I call it?

Boy two: Call it, “Phil 542. . .”

Girl one: Just a minute, it’s not working. This things takes forever to save. There it goes. . .

Girl two: When is it going to be my turn?

Girl one: Next time. We’re putting it away now.

Pertinent fact:

1. For the entire conversation, girl one was holding a rectangular 2×3 inch mirror in her hand.


Seriously, where are the scientists when the really good stuff is happening?