All Souls Day Again

Inspired by All Saints and All Souls, I am working on a piece about death, but it’s not quite ready. When I made attempts to talk about death last year, a former student of mine from Mexico wrote me afterwards. I found his brief response to my writing more profound than what I’d written. The video he shared took me by surprise. First I wasn’t sure I liked it, then I almost cried. Since tears are one of my shyest friends, when they come round I take notice, say thank you, and give their inspirations a big thumbs up.

From my wise now adult friend . . .

Your blog made me remember how we forget that death is not suffering, it is part of us, and we corrupt the meaning. I found this video about the tradition in Mexico!    




2 Comments to All Souls Day Again

  1. Michelle,
    I too, like you, did not like the video when I started to watch it but it really is about death and about life after death in the eternal Glory of God. It is about missing those who have died and gone before us and that is okay–its a part of life. Our loved ones who have died are not gone only changed into God’s glory–forever and forever and forever. Amen! I believe they are more closer to us now spiritually and can intercede and love us in a more deeper and profound way.Thank you for sharing this glimpse of hope that awaits us all.

  2. Dale Sipple says:

    I’m crying my eyes out and I want my mama! What a great reminder! Thank you and thank you to your student.