Giving Advent Room to Get Loose



The winds are blowing in different directions this year. My thoughts on advent themes suggested these: light, dark, light in the darkness, hope, waiting, anticipation, preparation, joy, love.

After this came the notion of writing a list that left this year’s Advent with room to surprise. Some things I hope to do many times, but the only requirement is to do everything once.




Advent List

Change some of the furniture around

Make some part of the house more inviting

Greet an unwanted change with a smile

Go on a date with my husband

Stop and speak unhurriedly with someone I wouldn’t normally speak with

Count being stuck in a line as a metaphor for waiting, a reminder of the sacred in the mundane

Look for other sacred things hiding in irritation

Do something quiet

Add or subtract something to this list

Be still in the dark

Light candles

Write a letter

Read a story

Sing a song in the dark

Bundle up and go star gazing

4 Comments to Giving Advent Room to Get Loose

  1. Becky says:

    I love this!! I don’t comment often but I really look forward to reading your posts. So many of them ‘hit home’ or give me pause for thought.

  2. I like your advent list. One on my list is call up some of my relatives that I have not visited or talked with for a really long time. Say an Advent prayer for me as I can talk myself right out of this one!