Cold Snap


Christmas 14 Jan 15 125

Before Christmas, there was this. Then came the rain that washed all the snow away. (There followed wet and brown.)



Christmas 14 Jan 15 219

At last a bit of snow and ice, but some really cold temperatures to go with it. The mother hen in my head began to afflict me so I go out and check on the animals. Twice (it was in the -30’s with windchill) I went to put them inside but they were fine. Even with the animals inside for the night, I lost some sleep when the actual temperature was -33. The barn is far from air tight with four by six feet chunks of open mitigated by hanging feedbags only. I was too afraid to check the windchill while my mother hen head kept me up fretting .



Christmas 14 Jan 15 217

The girls like to have their picture taken (as do the eunuch sheep, but we call them girls too). The husband sheep is in there somewhere right now. He arrived December 13th. With about ten others, he will leave for sunnier pastures sometime in the next few weeks . . . at which point we will not eat chicken for two or three weeks out of gratitude for the fullness of our freezers.



Christmas 14 Jan 15 224

Buster is a rather sulky lad. He is especially irritated by all attempts to have his picture taken. This was his best attempt at a smile. Most attempts end in pictures of his backside.


Christmas 14 Jan 15 221

I have limited patience for this and my fingers outside the glove were beginning to harden.


Christmas 14 Jan 15 213

Misty will look at me for an apple, otherwise, not so much. At least the kids like her. If we lived in France, I’d vote for her making the final journey with the sheep in a few weeks. Alas.


Hope everyone is staying warm. The snap has lifted a bit and the house is toasty again. This weekend we hope to clear the pond and at long last inaugurate the skating season.




4 Comments to Cold Snap

  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for the great pictures and insights into cold winter at your house. But alas now for a bit of fun–ice skating. While growing up in Walkerville Montana, I lived very close to the ice skating rink and spent many fun days on the ice. Enjoy the ice skating as I recall my fond memories of ice skating.

  2. Leslie Lynch says:

    It’s not that cold here, but I got up to make sure the neighbor’s chicken coop heater was still operating the other night when the temps dropped below zero. I can see its glow from my kitchen window, and I’m clearly afflicted with similar mother hen tendencies! But they are doing fine in spite of my worries… 😉

    • Michelle says:

      I have to say, I have not heard of a heater for a chicken coop before. A woman I knew said her mother used to make the chickens warm oatmeal when it was cold, but so far, although I go to collect the eggs every few hours before they can freeze and crack, I have not made them oatmeal.

  3. Jane Parker says:

    I loved the animal pictures. Thanks for braving the cold fingers.
    Somehow the ones of the sheep convey to me God’s provision for his creatures; they’re toasty and content while we worry.